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Recent content by Idenmarc

  1. Idenmarc

    Download Xtream UI - XEROX PRO V1 Rebuild by IPTVHELPFORUM TEAM

    please share link tanks
  2. Idenmarc

    How To Xtream UI não roda os canais

    Xtream UI 22f does not run the channels
  3. Idenmarc

    install ubuntu server 18 04 3 xtream ui

    hello it's very good in vmware in local, but how to connect with a mag from internet ? because you need an external ip to connect to the vmware server
  4. Idenmarc

    Your STB is not supported

    bonjour veiller décocher le mot mag424w3 sur le panel/settings/mag sur la base sql et placer juste MAG424 ET NORMALEMENT SA MARCHE pour moi sa marche apres des tests sa marche aussi avec les 2 mais pas sans le MAG424 ne pas oublier d'entrer les infos sur settings.php si pas crypté...
  5. Idenmarc

    XTream-UI version 22 official muitilanguage GTA

    hello future version which GTA it should promote version 22 official muitilanguage sorry I do not understand the rules I posted the only official version approved by gta because it had authorized me to map the version in order to be then translated thing done I give it the verdion to check it...
  6. Idenmarc

    Xtream UI -> XUI.ONE

    share please The theme ? I sharring my version tranlated anda mapped in 5 languages 100% opérationnel *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  7. Idenmarc

    New XTREAM 2.29 22F Original Appearances

    Share skin or theme please
  8. Idenmarc

    Xtream UI -> XUI.ONE

    Share the skin please
  9. Idenmarc

    Request the infomir patch for newer magboxes such as 420, 424 not working on ubuntu18 ?

    https://iptvhelpforum.com/threads/firmware-of-your-stb-outdated-please-update-it-mag422.990/ https://iptvhelpforum.com/threads/your-stb-is-not-supported.2111/
  10. Idenmarc

    Download Xtream-UI Last Offical release v22F (Download)

    hello there is no final version of 22f but there is the 22f release only in english and the 22f version with 6 languages translated and of course mapped by zerocool
  11. Idenmarc

    Your STB is not supported

    Your STB is not supported 1-Add the mag to the msql script or directly on the settings.php file $ rMAGs = Array ("AuraHD", "AuraHD2", "AuraHD3", "AuraHD4", "AuraHD5", "AuraHD6", "AuraHD7", "AuraHD8", "AuraHD9", "MAG200", "MAG245", " MAG245D "," MAG250 "," MAG254 "," MAG255 "," MAG256 ","...
  12. Idenmarc

    Download release 22F from the official mapped to 100%.

    yes100% officiel et fonctionne et traduit
  13. Idenmarc

    Download release 22F from the official mapped to 100%.

    Hello here is a release 22F from the official mapped to 100%. 6 languages Portuguese-Brazil 100% translated and functional Portuguese-Portugal 100% translated and functional French-France 100% translated and functional Spanish-Spanish 100% translated and functional Italian-Italie 100% translated...
  14. Idenmarc

    News Installation Xtream UI R24 & Configuration panel & Test server Ubuntu 18.04

    is areliease 17 version no tanks no good
  15. Idenmarc

    New Panel Xtream UI R24