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    Request 24 tuner digital device

    hello together have a problem. I installed ubuntu 18 on my pc and built in 3x digital device max s8 tv card so I usually have 24 tuners but the astra cesbo only shows 8 tuners. I've read that ubuntu has a limit of 8 tuners and I have to lift that can you help me
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    Request Epg api how

    Hi i have buy epg in epg.best and he says me i must active ip or api Please enable the following ip adress in the general settings - api settings section of your xtream ui panel How i do it
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    Request Xtream ui list

    hello i have a problem with client. the client gets the stream list but the streams don't work. only 2 streams work via loadbalance. GeoLite2.mmdb is ok. other clients have no problem it may be that xtream is blocking it. and what can I do
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    youtube script

    hi i search youtube script for ui https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/firez.uploadanime.xyz/ytphp.sh is down can anyone please reupp
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    Request Own mirror

    hello everyone, how can I make my own installation mirror from xtream ui where do I get the files from main and lb
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    Request Client Problem

    hi all i have a problem i updated the panel to 22c and all clients with name ü and ö doesnt work but when i rename to u or o works how i can fix it
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    Request All my streams restart every 2 mins

    I restarted my main server today, since then my streams restart every 2 minutes, how can I fix that? I use xtream ui 22b
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    Request multiple season import does not work

    Hello everybody the multiple season of series does not work if you come to the last page and nothing happens when you press add
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    Request Mag devices no nummber

    why is no channel number displayed for mag devices I only see the channel names but not the numbers
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    Request streams not working in main server

    hello i have a problem when i put my streams into the mainserver he tells me streams down but as soon as i put it into my loadbalance server it works what could be the problem with vlc it works too
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    Request Loadbalance limit

    Hello everybody how can I change the limit of the load balance, if I install more than 8 load balances the xtream tells me Your License is Invalid. Some functions have been disabled! if I delete 1 loadbalance it works again
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    Request Loadbalance crashes

    Hello everyone I have the problem that the load balance server crashes every few hours with the xtream v 1. I've already reinstalled the server and the load balance
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    Request xtream 1,06 clickmega

    hi i search xtreamclickmega version have any where the installation files??
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    Request port to slow

    hi i have xtream code v1 when i will me login in to my server with port 25461 it is to slow but when i change the port than ist fast why
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    Request xtream ui multiple streams ??

    how i can use multiple streams m3u playlist why dont work??
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    Request xtream ui version

    how i can see wich version i have xtream codes ui
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    Request Xtream codes v1 change layout

    Hi how i can change the layout from xtream code v1 whit files mus i edit or ordner
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    Request Bad Movie

    how i can fix xtreamcodes 1.06 Bad Movie what i can do
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    Request captcha deleting

    how can i deleting captcha from login from panel (index.php) ???
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    n line

    I am looking for n line 98c and 9c4 who can help me further