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Launch a video service in 2 weeks with MAGic Solution


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Apr 23, 2020
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Is it even possible to quickly start a video service complete with TV channels during quarantine? Ukraine's Infomir has launched MAGic Solution—a service for ISPs, content creators, communities, and companies that provides turnkey IPTV/OTT project launch within the shortest time-frame possible. Project setup is 100% remote and requires bare minimum involvement of the client's engineers.
The worldwide social distancing boom has opened new opportunities for those who did not even consider launching a video service of their own. Infomir's new service enables cultural, educational, and other projects to go online promptly. With MAGic Solution, operators can retain and expand their audience easier.
Infomir has been developing equipment and software for IPTV/OTT providers for 20+ years. Infomir builds solutions powered by its MAG set-top boxes, the Ministra platform, the Ministra Player multiscreen app, and content streaming, transcoding, delivery, and protection technologies from its partners.

Turnkey content delivery and monetization
Turnkey solutions are the best choice when budgets are limited and deadlines are tight. MAGic Solution makes successful IPTV/OTT projects a reality even amid a crisis. All you need is content and an audience—Infomir will take care of the rest. We launch efficient IPTV/OTT services within 3+ days so that our clients can start streaming ASAP.

What MAGic Solution has to offer?

TV channels and VoDMultiscreenAdvanced functionality
Linear TV and VoDA user-friendly cross-platform playerEPG, TV archive, nPVR, load balancing, and parental controls
Profitable serviceComplete statsContent protection
Connect billing through our API and start selling subscriptions.Track content popularity and habits of your audience with stats.DRM and CAS protection supported.

Infomir ensures successful video services with state-of-the-art monetization, detailed stats, user-friendly billing, and reliable content protection.
With Ministra Player, your subscribers can enjoy TV channels, streams, and VoD on any number of devices, including smartphones and tablets, with archiving and TimeShift functionality at their fingertips. The player is available in official Android and iOS app stores, as well as on Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Tizen TV and LG webOS. All it takes is to install the app and connect to an operator's service.
Ministra Player is available free of charge on AOSP and Android TV MAG set-top boxes and runs on other devices with a Licence Key.
Who needs MAGic Solution?
Infomir's solution is for those who need to set up high-quality video streaming services, regardless of geography, e.g.:
  • Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Content production studios
  • Universities
  • Religious communities
With MAGic Solution, internet service providers can deploy IPTV in their existing network; сable TV operators can abandon cablecasting in favour of multiscreen solutions; content creators can stream TV shows, films, lectures, webinars, and other original content directly to their viewers; and educational establishments and communities can publish instructional videos and event recordings.
MAGic Solution has enabled a religious community in the Philippines to build a video service for its 10-million-strong subscriber base. Thanks to Infomir, a Martinique-based church has launched 24/7 streaming for its parishioners, and a Nigerian religious community managed to set up an online radio station.
All our clients get two months of tech support free of charge: Infomir's experts monitor the service, troubleshoot it, update the software, and remotely tweak the system. The troubleshooting of even the most critical issues takes no more than 8 hours.
Pricing and plans
MAGic Solution price includes the launch of a service for up to 5,000 subscribers, consulting services, and training for your team. Partner solutions and client devices are available separately. Also, Infomir offers white-label apps, Ministra Player Licence Keys, and premium tech support.
Infomir ensures easy scalability of your new service. The infrastructure is inherently upgradeable, so you can rest assured it will be able to handle up to 50,000 subscribers. We support our clients as the project evolves, e.g., in expanding their audience, deploying new functionality, and integrating additional client platforms.
Learn more

About Infomir
Infomir has been creating IPTV/OTT solutions since 2001. Its set-top boxes and software power over 4,500 video services in 151 countries. The company is currently the only one in Ukraine to make set-top boxes and software for interactive TV providers. Also, it has official representative offices and logistics centres in Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, and the UAE. Infomir is making the best high-tech products and extensively contributes to the development of the television industry.
* Infomir provides only infrastructure and tech support. It does not distribute, broadcast, or otherwise provide television or video content.
** Android and Google Chromecast are trademarks of Google LLC.
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Oct 13, 2019
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Place Far Away
Would not trust Infomir at al!l!!

Infomir the manufacturer of the popular MAG range of set-top boxes says it will block the portals of suspected copyright-infringing IPTV providers following complaints from copyright holders.